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Cartim Recyclables provide an alternative solution to single use plastics, providing a range of recyclable bio based PPE products for healthcare, hair/beauty and other industries.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. All our products are carbon neutral, produce zero waste and are free from any animal products.

Made exclusively in the UK.

Phoenix Hair Studio has gone eco-friendly by switching to our gowns!

Phoenix Hair Studio has made a sustainable switch to our 100% recyclable gowns in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint while offering uncompromising levels of hygiene and protection to its clients. The salon in Wincanton, Somerset, is moving away from fabric and disposable plastic gowns to our Polyair™ gowns made from sugar cane waste, […]

Our recyclable aprons are perfect for care firms & carers reducing their carbon footprint

Our range of 100% recyclable PPE is not just suitable for barbers, hairdressers and aestheticians, our aprons  are also ideal for use within care homes and domiciliary care companies too. We created our Polyair™  aprons following demand from many industries including the care sector for planet-friendly alternatives to single use plastic. Recyclable PPE Our Director […]

We’re inviting salons to trial our 100% recyclable shoulder capes

We are inviting hairdressers and barbers to make a switch from disposable plastic and trial our new recyclable shoulder capes made of sugar cane waste to reduce their carbon footprints and the amount sent to landfill. Due to demand, we increased our range of recyclable PPE to include gowns , aprons  and capes to protect […]

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