Phoenix Hair Studio has made a sustainable switch to our 100% recyclable gowns in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint while offering uncompromising levels of hygiene and protection to its clients.

The salon in Wincanton, Somerset, is moving away from fabric and disposable plastic gowns to our Polyair™ gowns made from sugar cane waste, reducing its water consumption and plastic use.

Environmental impact

Chantelle Caren, owner of the High Street salon, says: “We’re super excited to be taking a step towards being a more sustainable business with CARTIM Recyclables’ gowns.

“As a business, we’re concerned not only with protecting our clients and offering them the highest level of hygiene, but also the impact on the environment we have from our water use to what we send to landfill. Thanks to CARTIM, we can offer our clients protection from water, hair and dye without contributing to plastic pollution.”

Tackling carbon footprints

As more businesses consider their environmental credentials, we hope that we can continue to support salons like Phoenix Hair Studio taking steps to become more sustainable.

Our Director, Tim Champion says: “It’s exciting to be supporting another salon switching to our popular Polyair™ gowns and we’re collectively doing more for the planet by tackling its carbon footprint.”

Reduce water consumption

Our gowns offer an uncompromising level of protection from hair, water and dye while also providing high levels of hygiene, an ongoing concern for customers following Covid restrictions.

They also reduce water consumption as they do not need to be washed like fabric gowns, which is great news for the planet, while being more economical for small businesses too.

Full coverage

Our Polyair™ gowns offer the highest standard of hygiene without compromising our earth’s wellbeing. We look forward to providing our planet-positive products to even more hairdressers and barbers in the area in the coming weeks and months. Anyone who would like to find out how they can trial our gowns, capes or aprons for free should get in touch or check our the free sample page on our online shop.

Gowns have neck ties and are 1200mm x 1200mm adequate to fully cover a hairdresser or barber’s client while seated.