We are inviting hairdressers and barbers to make a switch from disposable plastic and trial our new recyclable shoulder capes made of sugar cane waste to reduce their carbon footprints and the amount sent to landfill.

Due to demand, we increased our range of recyclable PPE to include gowns , aprons  and capes to protect hairdressers, barbers, aestheticians and carers while also benefitting the planet.

Recyclable PPE

Our Director Carole says: “We’d like to take this opportunity to encourage those working in the personal care industry to get in touch and find out how we can help them make an eco-friendly switch to fully recyclable gowns, aprons and capes made of sugar cane waste.

“By making a switch to recyclable PPE, hairdressers and barbers can protect their clients from hair, water and colour while also reducing their carbon footprint.”

Reduce business waste

We have already helped several salons in Somerset trial and make the switch from single use plastic including MANE , Figo , Franklin Hair SPA  and Vital . We hope that we can continue to help businesses reduce their waste and choose more sustainable options.

Carole adds: “We’ve already worked with some amazing salons that are looking to improve their green credentials and we’re excited to help even more companies as we continue to grow as a business.”

Free samples

Our Polyair™  products not only offer the benefit of great protection and high levels of hygiene, they reduce general costs as they are recycled as opposed to washed. The cost of washing fabric gowns after every use is something that can really add up for businesses so there are multiple benefits from choosing recyclable products that don’t cost the earth.

“We look forward to providing our planet-positive products to even more hairdressers and barbers in the coming weeks and months. We’re happy to deliver samples  for people to see and feel.”

If you want to find out more about how you can make a sustainable switch to our recyclable, planet-friendly PPE, get in touch today!